Nezzy Idy is the solo project of Emmett Corman, SF Bay Area DJ and producer. For 14 years he has been performing regularly in clubs, warehouses, basements, and outdoor festivals for the electronic music underground. Over the years his sound has included such various styles as IDM, experimental/drone, dark wave, house, and techno, but the thread that ties it together has been his dark aesthetic and analog sound.

Using modular synths, vintage gear, and sound devices built from DIY kits, Nezzy Idy wades through his web of patch cables to craft layered, hypnotic tracks that are best heard at a secret venue with your friendly neighborhood soundsystem.

Nezzy Idy’s tracks have appeared in several compilation releases, starting with the 2007 SF Laptop Machine Battle on Daly City Records, the Vita Ignes’ Corpus Lignum Winter Solstice & Summer Solstice compilations (2010), and the Katabatik Kollektion Summer 2010 compilation. He’s also released several full length CDs: Sleeps (2004) Infusoria (2009), Nighttown (2011), and Cicada (2014) on Exit Records. He also performed live on KPFA: The No Other Radio Network in 2008."